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Yummy In The Tummy

This content was written for Barbee Cookies.

Barbee Cookies makes the best Tulsa gluten-free cookies. These cookies are yummy in the tummy. If you are an individual that has a sweet to then these gourmet cookies may be your new obsession. The owners Kat and Kelli have dedicated themselves to provide you with the highest quality of baked goods and all of Tulsa. This bakery has been open for about 6 years now and continues to thrive. That is because these cookies are so phenomenal that people become addicted to them. The cookies are made with the highest quality of ingredients and the most tasty of recipes. The gluten-free assortment comes in flavors such as double shot of sugar cookie, heavenly cinnamon roll, legendary original without pecans, and sassy snickerdoodle cookies. If you prefer something other than gluten-free they have types such as decadent double chocolate cookie, iced sugar cookie, legendary original, magical m&m, and so much more. If these flavors don’t make your mouth water then you need to go there person and see them for yourself. The number to reach them if you would like to order some is 918-369-7997.

These amazing Tulsa gluten-free cookies are great for any event. These gluten-free cookies taste just as great as the options listed above. It doesn’t matter what kind of event it is the Fourth of July, New Year’s, birthday parties, wedding party, or any other type of party these cookies make great additions to any event. You’re found to be super popular when you bring this type of deliciousness to any event. These are the type of cookies that make people even adults say that is yummy in my tummy. The only problem is making sure you have enough, because when people start eating they may not be able to stop.

These Tulsa gluten-free cookies are absolutely amazing. These are the type of cookies the people travel models for. When you want to be satisfied and you have a craving for cookies then you have to go try the ones from Barbee cookies. If you have been there before then you know why these cookies are so absolutely phenomenal. Do some favor and go to their location or at least call and order a fresh batch for yourself. Once you try them you understand what all the hype is about.

You can call and or some to give as a gift or keep them all for yourself. It really doesn’t matter as long as you get to experience what these cookies are truly like in real life. Once you taste these cookies you understand why they have become a hit in the city of Tulsa. With delicious gourmet options galore how can you not love everything that is offered by this company when it comes to their baked goods? If you are cookie lover this place is heaven for you.

Go to their location or give them a call at 918-369-7997. These professional bakers would love the opportunity to give you some of their amazing baked goods. There cookies are heaven. Once you’ve tasted them you feel like you have died and gone to Nirvana. They are literally that good. The only way for you to know for sure exactly how these cookies are is to get some for yourself. They also make great gifts for any event or just for date night.

The Most Delicious

This content was written for Barbee Cookies

If you’re looking for the most delicious Tulsa gluten-free cookies choose Barbee Cookies. They have the best gluten-free cookies. Some of the amazing gluten-free options they offer are things like double shot of sugar cookie, sassy snickerdoodle gluten-free cookie, legendary original without pecans, and a heavenly cinnamon roll gluten-free cookie. These are hands down some of the most delicious gourmet cookies you will ever taste. As a result of their amazing cookies they have been featured on Fox 23 News, Tulsa World, ABC, the Business and Legal News, and the List. If you have never tried these amazing cookies you have got to stop by their Tulsa location or give them a call and put in an order today. The number to reach them toward of these cookies is 918-369-7997. If you would prefer to just come and sit down you can do that as well, as they have a seating area for individuals to come just sit and enjoy a cookie. You are bound to be in heaven when you taste these amazing gourmet cookies.

You may not have known that Tulsa gluten-free cookies could taste so good. The truth is that these cookies taste just as good as the originals. They make great gifts as well. So if you have a special event coming up you can always buy some of these amazing gluten-free cookies and take them with. By taking these cookies everybody is going to be asking. Where did you get these cookies. These are the type of cookies that people start to become addicted to and crave after they having them. The cookies that are made by these two individuals who own this company are amazing.

All of the cookies that they make not just the Tulsa gluten-free cookies kind are phenomenal. These are the type of cookies that will bring a smile to your face when you eat them. Just imagine being able to go and sit down and eat a freshly made batch of gluten-free cookies. Or you could always go with other cookies as well such as the Barbee originals, the traditional’s, the dreamwich shoes, cookie cakes, specialty decorated iced sugar cookies. Just reading these names must make you feel so hungry.

All of the cookies made by these professionals are bound to satisfy your need for cooking. The fact that they are gourmet just let you know the quality these individuals put into the cookies. If you have never had the experience of eating one of these amazing cookies you are missing out. So do yourself a favor and either drive over there to their location as soon as possible and get some or give them a call and put on your order yourself right now. You will not be disappointed you did.

The best number to reach them to order your cookies if you want to is 918-369-7997. Once you taste these cookies you understand why they’re so popular in the city of Tulsa. It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to know that if you are across America or across the world you’ll probably still want to have someone send you these cookies. They are literally that good. So if you have a reaction to gluten or you just prefer to eat gluten-free products then these cookies are for you.


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