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Tulsa Gluten Free Cookies


This content was written for Barbee Cookies

Kat is one of the founder of Barbee Cookies and she has grown up being around amazing talented bakers and chefs. Her grandfather, was a Italian immigrant, who owned two Italian reassurance in southern California. Then her grandmother was a amazing baker. So she grew up around a restaurant. Her growing up around baking made her want to start a beautiful cookies that smell amazing. She has been baking since she was fifteen. So her moving to Tulsa area, she wanted to start a amazing delicious store for people to be able to try the yummy cookies she grew up baking. Her dream was to start the store and now she is doing amazing. Everyone of her customers that comes in, says the surrounding of the store is such a high energy and positive feeling. People are calling to order everyday. It is a great store you to go try soon.  You can make a pick order by calling 918-369-7997. You will be talking to the other part owner of Barbee Cookies. She takes care of the behind scenes. She does all the bookkeeping and bill paying system for the business. So each lady are very important to keep the business running.


The best part of Barbee Cookies is they are Tulsa gluten free cookies too. You can’t ever find  gluten free cookies anywhere. So people who are gluten free can come get a delicious cookie from there too. You must know she can make any type of cookie you want. Each one of her styles look amazing but taste even better then they look. It is any size you truly want. She makes sure she makes what her customers are truly wanting at the time. Tulsa gluten free cookies are waiting for you.


It is great she makes her customers her number one. She has so much loyal customers that come in almost every day or at least every week. They like coming in to her store because it is such a peaceful and fun surrounding. She makes it look modern with a old school using a ton of wood through the store. She makes sure she also has plenty of each type of cookies she has out showing for people. You need to get your family together and come up to have a fun and yummy cookies at her store.


So people if your children or you are gluten free and would like a dozen of cookies she will make whatever you want. She is amazing at making sure her customers are happy with what they get. If you go check out her website at barbeecookies.com she teaches through videos to people too. You tell me if you have ever heard of someone doing that for their customers. She wants you happy and learning to hopefully be able to make cookies for yourself someday.


So people get your family together and come have a fun dessert at Barbee Cookies. It will be a fun time for you and your family. They will want to keep going there as much you can. It is a life changing surrounding area. You will be laughing and having more fun you can imagine. So take a day or evening to come in. You can also make a order for a party, meeting, or event by calling 918-369-7997.

Tulsa Gluten Free Cookies


This content was written for Barbee Cookies


Barbee Cookies is by the best cookies in Tulsa area. They have the prettiest and best tasting cookies you’ll ever eat. The team there give the best customer service because they want each customer become loyal to them. They love seeing customers come in to there store once a week because it makes it fun for them too. They have loyals come in every week a day to get their favorite cookie so they make sure they make enough for them. You may be in shock that the team in their store wont forget your name and it feel like your family to them. You can make a pick order by calling 918-369-7997. People who are gluten free don’t worry, Barbee Cookies make amazing gluten free cookies for you. So you can still have fun and have yummy desserts too. Please, don’t wait anymore and give them to make a order of delicious cookies for you and your family.


Tulsa gluten free cookies are usually not found, so this is why Barbee Cookies starting making them for the people that usually can’t have cookies. They have some amazing gluten free cookies. There top four ones are double shot sugar cookie, hallee’s heavenly cinnamon roll, legendary original without pecans, and sassy snickerdoodle. Each one of these are order almost every day. They taste the same as the ones that are made not gluten free. She is that talented at baking.


Hallee’s Heavenly cinnamon roll is her top cookie they make. It literally looks like a cinnamon roll. It looks beautifully and yummy. She makes it super thick of cookies park with glaze on top of it to make sure you get the cinnamon roll look. It is made in a divine creation, it was inspired by the holy matrimony of cinnamon and sugar. You look at it, you will want it right away!


Tulsa gluten free cookies next top one they make is the double shot of sugar. It will blow your mind looking at it. It looks so sweet with sugar and buttercream. They say it is bullseye! She only allows this one inside store because it is so big and thick with all the sugar in it. You looking at it though will make you want it right at the moment. Then you will come in everyday wanting one.


Barbee Cookies is amazing because customer service is their number one thing. They keep every customer happy leaving their store and wanting to come by as much they can. The owners know if they don’t get a loyal of customers they wouldn’t be open. They are always having what each type of the customer come in each day they do. You will want to become a loyal customer to them because they are such a blessing attitude to people. You need to grab your phone now and call them at 918-369-7997. Or make time during the day to go in there.

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