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Barbee Cookies For Tulsa Gift Baskets

It’s a special occasion and you need the perfect gift basket to make the occasion even more special. There’s no better way to put a smile on people’s face than a nice, warm, and sweet cookie. I’m not talking about just any cookie. I’m talking about the best cookies in the world. To make sure your Tulsa gift baskets have him these magnificent cookies call Barbee Cookies at 918-369-7997.

Barbee Cookies was founded by Kat Graham and is co-owned by her and friend Kelli Stacy. Kat Graham comes from a traditional family of great bakers. It started with the amazing cookies her grandmothers would take in their homes. The wonderful family traditions that were instilled in her made her love baking and later start Barbee Cookies. After later teaming up with Kelli Stacy they have successfully produce the perfect cookie and have built that very reputation.

They have been celebrating the lives of thousands of people for over 20 years and have been in business as Barbee Cookies since 2010. They are known for the love and appreciation that have for their customers and they take much pride in serving cookies that are artfully designed to celebrate whatever occasion. Of course cookies make the best gifts and there’s no better place for Tulsa gift baskets. They have a high rate of satisfied and returning customers and continue to grow. Try these wonderful cookies for yourself and you’ll find out why they’re so popular.

They offer over 25 types of different cookies. The price ranges on these cookies are anywhere from $1.70 to $3.50 and are worth every penny. Try some of their feature cookies and shop from the Barbee Originals, Traditional, Dreamwiches Is, Gluten-Free, or Cookie Cakes. Try cookies like the Legendary Original Without Pecans Cookie, Double Shot of Sugar Cookie, Hallee’s Heavenly Cinnamon Roll Cookie, and many more. The so many great cookies that you will have many favorites.

Of course they offer different services with their cookies. Try their gift baskets, get quotes on bulk orders of cookies, bookings for sample parties, and you can even get video decorating tips from Kat Graham herself on their website Remember cookies make the best gifts and Kat and Kelli just want to make life delicious so there their customers can celebrate it. Use the services at Barbee Cookies for the best cookies in the world. Again give them a call at 918-369-7997 or visit

This content was written for Barbee Cookies

Tulsa Gift Baskets with Barbee Cookies

There are many occasions where you want to give somebody a gift for whatever occasion. You’re trying to think of something not to be but not too small. Something from the heart that will make them smile but nothing too over-thought about or complicated. How about a cookie gift basket carrying the best cookies in the world? If you are in Tulsa gift baskets from Barbee Cookies is going to be your best gift option. Get a quote from Barbee Cookies today by calling 918-369-7997.

Kat and Kelli over at Barbee Cookies have done a great job making sure that every cookie you by will make you smile, warming your insides. Each cookie is stuffed with sweet goodness and love to change whatever mood and bring a smile upon your face. It’s been boasted that these Oklahoma-based cookies are the best in the world. But trying them yourself is better than taking anybody’s word for it. Trust me. But one cookie and you’ll never forget.

So just imagine how happy this person will be to receive a gift basket full of those cookies if they would be so happy to just eat one. These cookie make great gifts for anyone in any occasion. Whether you want the sweetest cookies, gluten-free cookies, cookie cakes, or what they like to call “Dreamwiches” (which are ice cream sandwiches made with cookies), Barbee Cookies will make sure everything they finding that gift basket will definitely make them smile. Now, these cookies are so good that you must make sure that you don’t eat the cookies that you’re supposed to be giving away. It can be that serious.

For your gift basket choose from Barbee Originals, Traditional, Gluten-Free, Dreamwiches, and Cookie Cakes. Trust me that they are all worthy of your of your gift basket. Featured products on their cookie menu are the Double Shot of Sugar Cookie, Hallee’s Heavenly Cinnamon Roll Cookie, the Legendary Original Without Pecans Cookie, and the Tantalizing Triple Chocolate Cookie to name a few. Their cookies are ranging from $1.60 to $2.40 an individual cookie you will definitely get the full sweet, goodness that you pay for. It’s definitely worth it.

So it’s time for that baby shower, wedding shower, housewarming, birthday party or whatever. Somebody is going to walk in carrying data meaningless gift nobody ever wants, and somebody else is going to walk in with this same gift that somebody else brought. Customize your Barbee Cookies gift basket and I’m willing to bet no one will be able to match your gift basket. And the sweet cookies in that gift basket will have saved the day. Let Barbee Cookies make you look great with the perfect Tulsa gift baskets. Visit


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