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College Cookie Care Packages and Online Cookies For Sale. 

This content was written for Barbee Cookies

Online cookies for sale can be a fantastic gift for your college student. If you have one of your children or a few of your children away at college one of the coolest things they can receive in the mail is an order from Barbee Cookies. There is nothing that reminds people of home quite like an order of home baked cookies from Barbee Cookies. This is what you will get when you order online cookies for sale from Barbee Cookies. They will arrive at your child’s dorm room smelling, tasting, and looking like they were home baked cookies to perfection. To place your order give Barbee Cookies a call by dialing 918-369-7997.

You do have to be warned however that once you place one order of Barbee Cookies and send it to your child in his dorm room or her dorm room at college, you will have to send more. This is because the cookies from Barbee Cookies will be consumed by all of the other college students in your child’s dorm. These cookies get devoured faster than pizza on a Friday night. Therefore, if you are going to place an order and send them to your child you better be ready to send more in a few weeks or months.

On the bright side, your child will get an automatic boost in popularity in their dorm room and at their college. This can be a very positive side benefit for your child, and it can make you look really good as well. That way when you visit the dorm, everybody will know you as the parent that orders and delivers all of the home baked cookies. They don’t have to know that they are not home baked. They just have to know that they are getting delicious cookies and that you are the coolest parent around. Barbee Cookies always wants to ensure that their cookies are delivered to the designated party still looking and tasting fresh. This is why they have a strict shipping schedule. They ship their cookies Monday through Wednesday to ensure that the cookies arrive as fresh and as moist as they possibly can.

When it comes to cookies, Barbee Cookies have some of the most exotic and delicious types of flavors that you can find. They are constantly in the kitchen trying to discover new ingredients and new flavors of cookies to tantalize people’s taste buds. They understand that coming up with the most delicious cookies is their job. They want to make sure that their cookies stand out from the crowd.

Send your college student a batch of the online cookies for sale from Barbee Cookies. This will make them feel cared for and loved. This will also help them reduce their homesickness. This will also help them understand how much you care for them. This will also help them soften up everybody in their dorm so that they can make more friends. Cookies from Barbee Cookies are a magical tool.  They have the power to make you, a parent, cool!

Cookies and Cakes for Your Party

This content was written for Barbee Cookies

Do you want to order online cookies for sale by the dozen for your next big event? Great, then I know just the place for you to go. There is a cookie bakery in Tulsa Oklahoma called Barbee Cookies. Barbee Cookies will be able to handle your order and ensure that you have delicious fresh cookies at your next event. There is nothing worse than having dry, stale, and unappetizing cookies at your event. You want your event to be the talk of the town, and Barbee Cookies wants to ensure that their cookies are part of that talk. To learn more or to place your order give them a call by calling 918-369-7997.

Barbee Cookies is extremely passionate about ensuring that the cookies that they make are exquisite. They want to stand out in the overcrowded cookie market. When it comes to cookies, they are continually experimenting and making sure that they are coming up with the most innovative and appetizing cookies possible. They even have a cinnamon roll cookie. How much better can you get than combining two of the most loved types of bakery goods, a cinnamon roll, and a cookie. This is also one of their best sellers in case you were wondering.

Another all-time favorite is their cookie ice cream sandwiches. Now, the cookie ice cream sandwiches are not on the list for online cookies for sale.  You will have to get them in the store because the ice cream will, of course, melt before it ever gets to you. However, if you are lucky enough to be able to visit Barbee Cookies in Tulsa Oklahoma, then you don’t want to miss out on getting one of their exquisite cookie ice cream sandwiches. Their cookie ice cream sandwiches are composed of a nice thick filling of one of their signature ice cream flavors. That filling is then sandwiched between two of their original cookie recipe cookies. This makes for an extremely delicious ice cream cookie sandwich.

If you have not yet been wooed by the cinnamon roll cookie or the cookie ice cream sandwich then maybe you will be wooed by the cookie cake. If you have a birthday coming up or if you want to have a big cake at an event and you don’t want that cake to be an actual cake then you may want to look at the cookie cake. The cookie cake is a big slab of chocolate chip cookie covered in frosting. This handles the look and feel of a cake without having to have an actual cake under that frosting. Not everybody likes cakes, but nearly everybody likes chocolate chip cookies. Therefore, if you purchase the cookie cake, you’ll be loved and adored by all.

If you are in the process of making a large batch order of cookies, then you want to get a quote by Barbee Cookies. They will make sure that you fully understand the costs associated with your order and will work with you to ensure that you are happy with the types of cookies that you want to be included in your order. You want to make sure that you do this far enough ahead so that you can have your cookies arrive at just the right time so that they will be fresh for your party.

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