Happy New Year!

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It’s hard to believe that we are getting ready to welcome a new year. Hopefully, 2013 has been good and 2014 will be even better. We would like to start this post by thanking all of our wonderful customers for letting us share your joys, accomplishments and celebrations through our cookies.

So have you made your resolutions yet?

Though many people will resolve to be healthier, lose weight, change jobs, etc, I have another one I would like to propose: Eat more cookies!

While that may sound like an over simplified, self-indulgent and possibly even counterproductive resolution, it is so much more than that. Allow me to explain.

It is simple. Cookies make people happy. Whether you bake them yourself or have Barbee Cookies bake them for you, few things can elicit a smile like a cookie and smiles are contagious. If we had more smiles, it stands to reason that we would have fewer arguments.

On a global scale in an ideal world, a cookie and a smile could possibly even prevent wars – who knows?

But for now, just resolve to eat a cookie. Or even better, share a cookie (and a smile).

Thank you again for letting Barbee Cookies be part of your lives. Have a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year. And remember…we can change the world, one cookie at a time.

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