Gluten-Free Cookies are Here!

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Wouldn’t a couple of cookies with a big glass of milk sound great about now?
If you have a gluten allergy, they may sound fantastic, but eating them
could literally cause more pain than they are worth.until now!

This week’s post is full of delicious news that everyone will love –
especially if you or someone you know and love has a gluten allergy. That’s
right, Barbee Cookies now offers several different kinds of gluten free

Choose from chocolate chip, iced sugar, peanut butter, snickerdoodle,
chocolate chip peanut butter and our ever popular cinnamon roll cookies.

What a thoughtful surprise a plateful of these delicious would be for
someone you love. However, if you’re skeptical because some gluten free
products may not taste as good as they should.c’mon, we’re talking about
Barbee Cookies here. You can be sure that they’ll be delicious.

Stop by today and try one or take a few of each home for your family to
taste test and then let us know which you liked the best. We bet it will be
a hard decision. In fact, you might even need to try more than one of each.

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