The Best Cookies for Your Gift.

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The Best Cookies for Your Gift.

Everyone knows that great sweets that bring smiles across faces always make great gifts. You even leave cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I am pretty sure this is because he understands how important great sweets are as well. You should have the best cookies for your gift. When it comes to gift baskets Tulsa says Barbee Cookies is the best choice So give their website a visit today at

Barbee Cookies is known for having the best gourmet cookies in Tulsa. All the way down to the signature Cinnamon Roll Cookie they offer a long list of great cookies. You can choose from their Barbee Originals, Traditional, Gluten-Free, Cookie Cakes, and even what they call Dreamwiches which are ice cream sandwiches made with their great cookies. They have a great website that offers a cookie menu, decorating tips, and even information on gift baskets and quotes on cookie orders. As you may have seen on Fox 23, ABC, Tulsa World, or Tulsa, Business and Legal News, Barbee Cookies have expanded too a bigger facility to better be able to serve a larger number of customers.

They are dedicated to providing the best in cookie happiness to Tulsa and the world. They are actually ranked by the Tulsa World as having one of the best chocolate chip cookies out of the top eight in Tulsa. They believe that cookies make the best gifts and they believe that their customers should be able to celebrate life and make it delicious. They even offer decorating tips for you to use at home depending on what season of the year your decorating for. Whether it’s a graduation, Mother’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, or just a nice sunny day they can customize a cookie to fit every moment for your gift basket’s Tulsa.

Barbee Cookies has come from a long line of passionate family baking. This turned from a home business to a full operation, which is now responsible for shipping delicious cookies all over the world. Providing Tulsa with the means to give a great cookies as a gift Barbee Cookies has a cookie for every occasion. They even ship their cookies over to our American soldiers in Iraq. I absolutely agree with them, and the idea that the soldiers deserve to eat the best cookies in the world as well.

They use a well variety of flavors and premium ingredients in their gourmet cookies. If you need to satisfy a sweet tooth, make great gift baskets Tulsa, for pickup a couple dozen for the office you definitely have the right place in Barbee Cookies. Get any flavor from cranberry pecan shortbread, and chocolate mint to peanut butter and jelly, double chocolate, and oatmeal chocolate pecan. These are some very talented and amazing bakers and have mastered the skill of putting the happiness into a cookie. Make sure you get your gift basket filled with the best cookies in Tulsa by calling 918-369-7997.

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