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This content was written for Barbee Cookies

Are you looking for that little piece of sweetness to help brighten up your day? Would you like a little something to help brighten up someone else’s day? Nothing makes the stomach smile brighter than a nice, warm, and sweet cookie. The why not skip everything else and go for the best cookies in the world? Visit to find the best cookies in the world.

Barbee Cookies is co-owned by by Kat Graham and Kelli Stacy. The business started from a long tradition of bakers. They are actually known and hold the reputation for having the world’s best cookies. They believe the best way for people to believe in their cookies is just by simply tasting them. Once their customers have tasted their cookies it’s pretty safe to say they won’t be forgotten.

They sell about 25 different types of cookies and they all range from about $1.70 to $3.50 per cookie. Try featured products such as the Double Shot of Sugar Cookie, Hallee’s Heavenly Cinnamon Roll Cookie, or the And Legendary Original Without Pecans Cookie. The products at Barbee Cookies are so sweet and tasty. Shop from from the Barbee Originals, Traditional, Gluten-Free, Dreamwiches, or Cookie Cakes. When it comes to cookies there’s no better place to go. The owners Kat and Kelli simply say that you should celebrate life and make a delicious.

Barbee Cookies is a great place for gifts, holidays, and special occasions. Cookies make the best gifts. You can go to their website at and get a quote on a specific amount of cookies. They offer a cookie gift basket service as well. They also offer decorating tips with how to video demonstrations featuring Kat Graham. They even offer options to book a sample party which tremendously helps to their business.

So when someone asks you what has the best cookies in the world don’t hesitate to eagerly answer, “Barbee Cookies!”. They offer the most stomach fulfilling and sweep to satisfying cookies that you can find. Their cookies are great way to suck up to your boss, make a ladies birthday or special occasion memorable, or just simply at a smile to someone’s face. Help Barbee Cookies create is many smiles as they can by checking out their cookies and telling everyone what you think about them. Give them a call at 918-369-7997 today. They are standing by and waiting for your call!

Barbee Cookies Are The BEST!

This content was written for Barbee Cookies

Do you want to try the tastiest cookies in the tri-state area? Looking for the best cookies  you could ever get besides grandma’s? I bet you didn’t know the best cookies in the world were writing Tulsa did you? Yes, yes! You can get them at Barbee Cookies. Co-owners Kat Graham and Kelli Stacy have definitely succeeded in creating the best cookie business with the best tasting cookies in the world. You can get them right here in Tulsa. Call 918-369-7997

There’s nothing like that perfect cookie to ease your mood at any given time of the day. Barbee Cookies is built on many past years of baking and chef knowledge. Baking is a science and our friends at Barbee Cookies have definitely perfected their methods in making the best cookies in the world. Through a religious faith in God and core family values their cookies have been overly stuffed with sweet love and goodness. These cookies will definitely put a smile on your face.

Oh and these aren’t just cookies! Choose from Barbee Originals, Traditional, Gluten-Free, Dreamwiches, or Cookie Cakes. These will all blow your mind. These ladies at Barbee Cookies sell the best cookies, offer decorating tips, gift packages, and even sample parties to ensure that you will definitely come back and enjoy their cookies. You’d be surprised how one of these cookies or products can completely turn around the course of your mood and day. Barbee Cookies are simply love, and the business is growing rapidly.

Established in 2010, Barbee Cookies started small as a local business by dropping off samples and cookies at local businesses and selling cookies at big events around Tulsa. Barbee Cookies has grown tremendously and still continues to grow worldwide. Get a Hallee’s Heavenly Cinnamon Roll Cookie, Ravishing Red Velvet Cookie, Tantalizing Triple Chocolate Cookie, or a Dreamy Double Delicious Chocolate Cookie for starters, and this is just a few of the Barbee Originals. I bet you can just imagine what other cookies are on the list! Are you excited?

Kat and Kelli at Barbee Cookies are so eager and happy to have you biting and falling in love with their cookies. Cookies with the most love and sweet happiness stuffed inside them. If you’re having a bad day come find a cookie and a smile at Barbee Cookies. Remember, is not just cookies. Simply, Barbee Cookies are the best you can buy, come and try our delicious cookies today.

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