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Barbee cookies has won the hearts of so many people all over Tulsa. They provide a way for you to buy cookies in store, as well as Buy cookies online. They have been featured on Tulsa World, Fox 23 news, ABC, Business and Legal News, and The List. People are saying that Barbee cookies have the best tasting cookies, as well as the best ingredients. Many customers top favorite cookie is the signature Cinnamon Roll cookie. If you are a cinnamon roll lover, then you will love absolutely love this fantastic cookie. Other customers are saying that Barbee Cookies are the highlight of their party.

While most bakeries only offer cookies at their store location, Barbee Cookies offers a way for you to Buy cookies online. We provide a variety of cookies for you to choose from, we promise that you will love several of our tasty cookies. We have a variety of cookies such as our Legendary Original cookie, Halle’s Heavenly Cinnamon Roll cookie, iced Sugar cookie, Sassy Snickerdoodle cookie, and our Tantalizing TripleChocolate cookie. So many of our customers love our iced sugar cookie. This particular cookie has a yellow sweet frosting in the shape of a flower. Another great cookie is our Sassy Snickerdoodle cookie, this particular cookie is the best Snickerdoodle cookies that you will ever put in your mouth.

Do you have a sweet tooth and want desserts in a very short time period? Don’t waste your time shopping at bakeries just to wait in long lines, skip the lines and Buy cookies online. Barbee Cookies has a huge variety of cookies such as our Magical M&M cookie, Blissful Birthday Cake cookie, Luscious Lemon Pecan cookie, and our Whimsical White Chocolate Cranberry cookie. So many of our customers absolutely love our magical M&M cookie. This cookie is covered in delicious M&M’s that will excite your taste buds. If you are a huge M&M lover like me, then you will want to buy ten boxes of this fantastic cookie. Most companies will charge you forty dollars for a box of twelve cookies, however at Barbee Cookies, you can purchase a box of twelve M&M cookies for a very low price of twenty eight dollars.

Many of our customers love our Whimsical White Chocolate Cranberry cookie. This cookie has the perfect blend of cranberry with a wonderful taste of White Chocolate that perfectly compliments the cranberry. If you are a person who likes a little bit of sweet with some fruit, you will be a huge fan of this cookie. Another great cookie is our Passionate Peanut Butter cookie. This amazing cookie has a wonderful blend of peanut butter and sugar. If you are a peanut butter lover, you will love life even more with every bite that you take of this cookie.. You can purchase a box of six Whimsical White Chocolate cookies for the very low price of fourteen dollars.

So many people all over Oklahoma are ecstatic about Barbee cookies. A girls varsity volleyball team in Coweta light up with excitement as their coach brings in a box of our famous cinnamon roll cookies. One of our customers said that her wedding would not have been the same without our cookies. No matter which event that you have, we promise that our cookies will be a hit, making your night a memorable one. To purchase your favorite box of delicious cookie call 918-369-7997.

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Barbee cookies has produced so many die hard fans all over Tulsa. Everyone absolutely raves about the easy way to Buy cookies online. Each of our wonderful cookies can be purchased in a box of six and a box of twelve. While most companies only offer cookies to be purchased in their store, we provide a way for you to purchase them on our website. When you go on our website, you can choose any of your favorite cookies simply by scrolling through our list of cookies and choosing which ever one your heart desires.

Why waste your time going through all of the city traffic to pick out your favorite cookie when you can Buy cookies online. At Barbee Cookies we believe in providing quick and great service. We also strive to make your life easy, by providing a way to order cookies through our website, we are certain that our variety of cookies is just another reason that we will win your heart. When choosing your favorite cookies, the amount of how many cookies you would like can be completely tailored to you. You can purchase a box of four cookies, a box of two, a box of ten, or a box of twenty four. No matter how many cookies you would like in a box, we can make it happen.

Not only can you purchase our amazing cookies in store, but we have broken the mold of every other bakery by offering you the fast way to Buy cookies online. We promise that no matter how busy your life gets, you can always make time for a well-deserved sweet treat, especially since you can order it through our website. Unlike any other bakeries, we offer gluten free cookies. For all of you health conscious people out there that can’t have gluten in your diet, we now have cookies made just for you! You can wipe your tears of the thought of never being able to have desserts again. We have revolutionized your world by bringing dessert back in your life! You can now enjoy life with your friends with our amazing gluten free cookies.

Do you have an event coming up and need some great tasting desserts to kick off the night? Come to Barbee Cookies where we provide the most delicious cookies that you will ever put into your mouth. Don’t settle for mediocre and dried out cookies from other bakeries in Tulsa, instead come to only the best bakery in town. We promise to always deliver fast service and positive energy. If your having a sugar craving, don’t hold back, give into the crave and indulge in one of our fabulous cookies.
At Barbee Cookies we have broken the mold by providing gluten free cookies that actually taste great! We offer four of our fabulous cookies in the gluten free option. The flavor of gluten free cookies that we provide is our Sassy Snickerdoodle cookie, Legendary Original Without Pecans cookie, Hallee’s Heavenly Cinnamon Roll Cookie, and our Double Shot of Sugar cookie. Each of these wonderful cookies are a great way to still enjoy your gluten free lifestyle. Now you don’t have to give up ever having desserts, your life just got sweeter. To buy a box of your most favorite cookie, give us a call at 918-369-7997.

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